Support Pro-Worker Candidates

Our jobs, wages and working conditions are directly linked to politics. From privatization to budget cuts, politics at the federal, state and local levels affect public services, workers and the people we serve. Only through active participation in the political arena can AFSCME members have a say in policy-making and in electing candidates who support laws that benefit working families.

We participate through PEOPLE, our Political Action Committee. PEOPLE is our union's political, legislative and fundraising arm. It stands for Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative Equality. It is supported by members' voluntary donations, not union dues.

Sign in to MyAFSCME and donate to PEOPLE.

With your contribution, AFSCME PEOPLE makes sure we can keep on fighting until we win justice for every worker, everywhere. For as little as $2 a week (that’s less than a cup of coffee!) you’ll qualify as a PEOPLE MVP and become eligible to earn Rewards points to redeem exclusive PEOPLE merchandise. 

Questions? Want to get involved in your local PEOPLE committee? Contact [email protected]

Contributions or gifts to AFSCME PEOPLE are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. All contributions to AFSCME PEOPLE are voluntary and will be used to support worker-friendly candidates in federal, state and local elections. Contributions are not a condition of membership or employment and refusal to contribution is free of reprisal. Any contribution guideline is only a suggestion, and you may contribute more, less or nothing at all and will not be favored or disadvantaged as a result. In accordance with federal law, AFSCME PEOPLE accepts contributions only from AFSCME members, executive and administrative personnel, and their families. Contributions from others will be returned.